Do you plan to buy?

A well adapted home

Being a homeowner lets you live in a home that suits your tastes and lifestyle.

In addition to being an excellent long-term investment, buying a property will allow you to develop those kinds of spaces through time. If you opt for a condominium or plex, you can save time on maintenance in the first case, and enjoy some extra income in the second.

Creating a capital

Instead of paying rent to someone else, the mortgage payments you make each month finance your assets and allow you to build significant capital, which you then recover once you finish paying it off. Buying a house is like saving money in the long run.

Fixed payments

Tired of rent increases? Unlike renters, who have to deal with these fluctuations, you, as the homeowner, can now take advantage of fixed payments that will protect you from possible interest rate hikes, depending on the type of mortgage chosen.

A new lifestyle

Give free rein to your desires and decorate your home without worrying about the restrictions imposed on tenants! All the work of decoration or renovation will benefit you directly.

What's more, no one will be able to force you to leave your home for inspection or maintenance purposes ever again.

Become an owner: an excellent decision!

If you are considering becoming a homeowner, know that in addition to having many financial benefits, buying a home can also improve your quality of life.

Becoming a homeowner gives you freedom, a sense of pride and peace of mind -  feelings that transcend price tags!

An investment that pays off!

Buying a home is a lot like saving money in the long run. As a homeowner, you make monthly mortgage payments that fund your assets and allow you to build a significant amount of capital that you will recover later when you sell your property.

Across Canada, real estate properties have increased significantly in value over the past decade. In Quebec, in 2022, the median price of single-family homes jumped 14% in twelve months to exceed $415,000. That of condominiums increased for its part by 12%, reaching $366,000. On the other hand, we expect a very different outcome in 2023 following the significant rise in rates.